New York State Pesticide Reporting Law

Electronic Reporting Options and Report Submission

Reporting Process Overview

To assist reporters who have never reported electronically before or that need a refresher, the NYSDEC has developed a series of PRL videos that give step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the reporting website and how to download or install the NYSDEC’s free reporting options.

  1. Who must report? How to report you made no applications or sales.
    1. Which forms must applicators submit?
    2. Which forms must commercial permit holders submit?
  2. Which reporting option is right for you?
  3. How to use the Option A software
  4. How to use the Option D installation package and software
  5. How to use the Option D and O spreadsheets

The NYSDEC has also developed a series of presentations designed to assist reporters with electronic reporting.

  1. Reporting requirements for applicators
  2. Recordkeeping requirements for applicators
  3. Recordkeeping and reporting for permit holders
  4. Electronic Reporting

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